February 20, 2012 – Trip to New Zealand

February 20, 2012 // by Brian Harris

New Zealand was our first trip out of the country together.  The trip started out with a visit to Brian’s good friend from high school.  Matt and his wife Justine and their two beautiful children live in Auckland (Devonport).

Matt and Justine and their beautiful family!
Matt and Justine and their beautiful family!

From Auckaland we headed up north to the Bay of Islands where we spent time in Paihia and the island of Russell.  The terrain here was more like Hawaii and was very pretty.   We instantly fell in love with the country’s “flat white” coffees!

Heathers flat white mustache!!!

After a few days in the Bay of Islands it was back down south to the Taupo area where we got in some great fishing and Brian even did a little bungee jumping on Valentine’s Day!  The fishing was incredible and surprisingly there was not a lot of pressure on the waters.  And of course we always find time to sit in our ENO Hammock that we bring everywhere!

After a few days in the Taupo area we headed back up to Auckland and had a great time on Waiheke Island with Matt/Justine where we hit a winery followed by a beach for some surf/sand!  We are super excited to get back someday to see the South Island!!!!


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