Gun Stores & Gun Smithing

Shooting ranges come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide array of peripheral offerings, which can make finding the right insurance a daunting prospect. Whether you offer a large indoor shooting range with retail sales, professional instruction and gunsmithing services, or your facility is a small outdoor range, we have the right program to fit your needs!

Specialty Insurance Consultants has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the appropriate coverage you need to protect your property and your guests.

Common Activities/Amenities/Exposures:

  • High Value Property Coverage
  • Gunsmithing
  • Membership Ranges
  • Non-profit Ranges
  • Professional Firearm Training & Classes
  • Firearm Rental
  • Wholesale/Retail Sales of Firearms, Ammo and Sporting Goods
  • Indoor/Outdoor Range
  • Hosting of Event – Clubs, Leagues, Ladies Night, etc.

If you’ve had trouble getting insurance for gun related work in the past, it’s time to take a closer look at policies that are specifically geared towards your work or interests. But what exactly is gunsmithing insurance?

Gunsmithing insurance is a way to ensure you’re covered if you’re held liable for anything that should happen whilst on the job. Essentially, you’re protecting yourself should the worst happen.A good policy will cover your business contents in the event of damage, theft or a product gone wrong in the hands of a customer.

Of course, you’ll already have a license to own a gun and be in compliance of local laws when it comes to storage of firearms, zoning and business ownership. However, having an insurance policy can add a little something extra to your look of legitimacy – encouraging potential clients to take you seriously as a tradesman rather than a gun hobbyist looking to make some extra cash.

You may also find that some larger businesses will be hesitant to work with a gunsmith who isn’t insured as they won’t want to put themselves at risk of loss. By having insurance, you can reassure every potential business partner that they’re making the best decision by employing your services.

Whether you’re running your own business, working for a gun retail organisation, running a gunsmithing club or simply employ gunsmiths to work for you, you can benefit from gunsmithing insurance.When looking for gunsmithing insurance, it’s important to consider your options and research the ideal provider. Specialty Insurance is your best choice, as a dedicated gunsmithing policy will cover all aspects relating to your work. As a company known for our love of the great outdoors and over two decades of experience in outdoor recreation , we already know the ins and outs of gunsmithing, so you won’t find yourself explaining the details time and time again.

Together we will create a solution that will ensure you’re 100 percent safeguarded in any situation. Plus, all policies are designed to cover high-value properties and assets. When it comes to insurance, we are your partner – helping to guide you through the process towards a positive outcome.
With so much to offer within our gunsmithing insurance policies, there’s no reason not to get in touch with Specialty Insurance Consultants for a no obligation quote. Start your path to safer gunsmithing today!

If you are looking for the right outdoor insurance coverage, look no further!
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